Every homes first line of defense against the elements.

SuperHome offers comprehensive  roofing and remodeling services for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Our materials and labor stand up to the ever changing Long Island weather and we fully warranty all of our work. 


Improperly installed Gutters can cause more damage than not having gutters at all. Rainwater, if not controlled and directed away from your house can cause damage to your foundation as well as destroying your fascia and soffits allowing water to penetrate your home.SuperHome Seamless Gutters not only protect your greatest investment, your home, but can also add beauty with our many styles and colors.

For a full evaluation and a plan to keep you dry for years to come.  


Simply Rainwater causes more damage annually to residential and commercial properties than anything else.

Your roof can be in tip top shape and your gutters can be functioning perfectly, but once that rain is drained down to the base of your foundation, where is it going to go?foundation cracks, flooded basements and damage expensive landscaping and brickwork.

Whether it be full cement Ring Drywall Systems, Flo Wells, French draining or pop-ups, let SuperHome solve your drainage problems.